Tabs 1

Note: I didn’t write most of this tabs, so if they aren’t correct it’s not my fault. I didn’t even play all of them to check if they are ok, I just have them on my computer.

– Akaskero – Thomas Leeb

– And I love her – The Beatles

– California Dreaming

– Kotaro Oshio – Be Happy

– Living on a prayer – Bon Jovi

– Love Me Tender – Elvis Presley

– (Eric Clapton) Tears in Heaven – Arranged by Masa Sumide

– Masaaki Kishibe – Hajimari

– (Pirates of the Caribbean) He is a pirate – Arranged by Wolfgang Vrecun

– Raindrops keed falling on my head

– Sound of Silence

– (Beatles) Blackbird – Arranged by Stephen Benett

– With or without you – Arranged by Jacques Stotzem

– Yesterday once more

Ana C.



  1. Hi,
    Just like Rozaimi I am looking for the tabs of Stefan Lindenbauer’s cover of Stings “It’s probably me”. Do you have that one? could you post or email it? thanks a lot!

  2. “its probably me-Sting ” tabs by stefan lindebauer. i can’t find it anywhere . can you please insert those tabs in this blog if you have it . thanks.

  3. hello, can you give me “its probably me- Sting” tabs

    you can send the tabs to my email if you don’t mind. thanks for the other tabs anyways. great work . 🙂

  4. heey! you play really great! Do you have the Billie Jean tab also? (adam rafferty or sungha jung?)

    Thank you !


  5. I played ‘Rain Drops keep falling on my head’ and it sounds great. Thanks for posting the tabs and keep up the good work.

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