I See Fire arranged by Igor Presnyakov

Oi gente! Aqui vai a tablatura que eu escrevi do arranjo do Igor Presnyakov da música I See Fire, do Ed Sheeran. A música é trilha sonora do filme O Hobbit e a Desolação de Smaug. A qualidade da tablatura não tá das melhores, eu tava escrevendo ela pra conseguir lembrar do arranjo mesmo, depois que pensei em disponibilizar pra vocês. Mesmo assim, acho que ela tá certinha. Curtam minha página no faceboook, e qualquer dúvida podem me perguntar por lá mesmo https://www.facebook.com/anacarolinagiollo

Hi guys! Here are the tabs I wrote for I See Fire, arranged by Igor Presnyakov. The quality isn’t great but initially I was only writing it to remember the song as I figured it out by watching the video. Only by the end I thought about putting it in here for you guys. Anyway, I think the notes are correct. Please like me on facebook, and if you have any questions about this song or any tab requests you can send me a message therehttps://www.facebook.com/anacarolinagiollo

I See Fire, arranged by Igor Presnyakov, transcribed by Ana Giollo



One comment

  1. Thanks for tab 😀
    I’ll send you film where I play this, just wait some months xD (No long time ago I started learning guitar).
    One more time thanks 🙂

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